Curious Leaders

Curious Learners

Five Star Accreditation for 5-Star Care. Capable, loving preparation for elementary school.


Focusing on the fundamentals and differentiation of strengths to target math and reading foundations.

Leading your child on a successful educational path of inquiry-based learning and intrinsic motivation.

A safe environment for developing mature teens ready for the challenges of high school and beyond.

Immaculata Insight: Is Your Child Ready?

We believe in growth of the entire child—growth in knowledge, character, confidence, and spirit.

Is your child ready to start at ICS? The answer is yes if your child is ready to be engaged and active in and out of the classroom.

At graduation, this is our final assessment: Is your child ready for the next academic steps?

We have the privilege of sharing your greatest treasure, your children…and we take this responsibility very seriously. In the classroom, we cultivate curiosity, inquiry, and problem solving reflected in meaningful evaluations of your child’s development. We provide structured communication and assessments of the whole child.

We focus on the growth mindset—positive momentum and perseverance. We measure with academic assessments as well as social, emotional, and personal progress—but we are not driven by these summative and formative assessments.

Every child has gifts we seek to nurture for them to share with the world.

Are We a Match?

Not every child is right for ICS. We are not right for every child. We work with you to ensure it’s a fit.

Introducing our new STEM Lab

ICS proudly announces the creation of a state-of-the-art STEM Lab. Our STEM lab creates an inquiry-based, hands-on learning environment for students to ask questions, understand the problem, and seek solutions.

Slated for completion in 2022, our STEM Lab will be western North Carolina’s only dedicated STEM environment.

Praise from ICS Families