Application for Admissions Grades K – 8

Financial Information

Tuition of ICS for 2023-2024 School Year is as follows:
# of ChildrenParishionerNon-Parishioner
Parishioner Rate

Families who are active members of a Catholic church in the area may submit a Parish Subsidy Agreement to their parish. If approved families may receive $2000 per student off ICS tuition. Parish Subsidy Agreements may be provided to families upon request.

Financial Aid: Tuition Aid Data Services (TADS)

Immaculata Catholic School has a financial aid program called TADS (Tuition Aid Data Services) TADS funded by members of our parish. Funds are available to qualified students based on financial need, the availability of funds, and the following criteria.

  1. All families are eligible to apply. Funds maybe be limited by summer before school year begins.
  2. Families seeking TADS must be involved in parish and school activities. If you are not a registered parishioner, families must provide a written statement of plans for involvement.
  3. Every parent is required to contribute a certain amount towards their child(ren)’s tuition.
Opportunity Scholarship: Information only for those already in this program

The Opportunity Scholarship is a state-run government program that provides public funds of $6492 for students to attend local private schools like Immaculata Catholic School. This $6492 funding does not cover the entire cost of tuition. Each Opportunity Scholarship family needs to pay the tuition and fees not covered by the scholarship. Local participating Catholic churches contribute $2000 per student towards Immaculata tuition. If you are a member of a local Catholic Church, you may request your pastor to sign a Parish Subsidy Agreement. If you are not an active member, you do not qualify for a parish subsidy. Total fees are outlined below:

Payments due from Families on Opportunity Scholarship
Number of ChildrenParishioner – Annual Fee Parishioner Monthly Fee (over 10 mos.)  Non-Parishioner Annual FeeNon-Parishioner – Monthly Fee (10 mos)
1$758$75.80 $2758$275.80
2$400$40 $3741$374.10
3$400$40 $3874$387.40
4$400$40 $4032$403.20

Payments due from Families on Opportunity Scholarship

Number of ChildrenParishioner – Annual FeeParishioner -Monthly Fee (over 10 mos.) 
Non-Parishioner Annual FeeNon-Parishioner Monthly Rate Due (over 10 mos.)

Families can apply for Opportunity Scholarship by completing application here:

If a family is awarded an opportunity scholarship and is unable to pay the Parishioner or Non Parishioner Rate Due to ICS, families may also apply for the TADS financial aid program as outlined above.

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Process for Acceptance into Immaculata

Attendance at Immaculata is a privilege. Our goal is to find motivated, caring children and families who are strong in their faith and commitment to excellence. Acceptance into Immaculata is a five-step process.

STEP 1: Application. Complete this Application and submit to Leslie Stott, Administrative Assistant, in person or email a scanned copy to  

STEP 2: Parent Q&A. After we review the Application, someone at Immaculata will be in touch to setup a 15- to 20-minute phone interview. This is an opportunity for families to gather more information about what makes Immaculata special and an opportunity for us to ask questions that help us assess if this is a good fit for your family and our school community.

STEP 3: Child Shadow & Assessment. It is our hope to find the best match for our students. We ask every child to shadow at Immaculata for a minimum of half a school day. During this Shadow Day we will complete formal assessments. Plus, your child(ren) gets to see what a day feels like and gets to connect with our wonderful students and staff.

 STEP 4: Parent Interview. This is typically completed at the end of the same day as Child Shadow & Assessment. It is another touchpoint for us to ask additional questions about how we might be able to help your child and for you to get additional insights into what makes Immaculata a special school environment.

 STEP 5: Enrollment. Once these steps are completed families are asked to submit Enrollment paperwork.

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