All are Welcome

How Catholicism is a Part of Immaculata

At Immaculata, we open our doors to all. We are blessed and thankful for our differences while holding true to the traditions of the Catholic church. We educate students through the virtues of Christ and the values demonstrated in the Gospel.

One of the beautiful things is that the Gospel values apply to all—no matter your faith or denomination; every child and family shares the same interests in instilling the virtues and morals taught by the Gospels.

We help develop and nurture the gifts that God gave students so that students can share these gifts with the world.

The Virtues of the Gospel

Faith is an important part of the ICS community. The four cardinal virtues and three theological virtues provide the framework of education in the Catholic tradition.


Self-control and moderation of self interests and appetites


Diligence and steadfastness in actions, belief, and work


Character; one’s efforts done for the common good


Intellectual and moral virtue, the person who does the good


Allows us to understand perfectly truths of divine revelation


Confidence, grace, and guidance to calling towards God


Living kindness and compassion towards all others

Is it ok if I’m not Catholic? YES!!

We have Christian and non-Christian families, as well as non-Catholics and non-Christian families.

While we are a Catholic school and teach the Catholic faith, we accept those interested in living the virtues of the Gospel and who are respectful of our faith.

How we practice our Catholic faith?

– Daily prayers
– Weekly masses
– Adoration
– Retreats
– Religion classes

It is expected that students and families respect the practices of the Catholic church while participating at all school events.