Frequently Asked Questions

Are you accepting new students?
While we are accepting new students we strive to keep smaller class sizes for maximum student achievement. Contact us at 828-693-3277 or at admissions@immac.org to ask about availability.
What is the cost to attend Immaculata?

Our mission is to provide the most affordable private school tuition with the most comprehensive financial aid services. Click here to learn more.

Do you offer scholarships?

ICS has significant financial aid scholarship programs donated from parishioners, as well as federally funded Opportunity Scholarship, both of which can cover part or all of tuition.

Do I have to be Catholic?

No, you do not have to be Catholic, although we are a Catholic school. We pray daily, attend Mass weekly, and provide instruction on faith, service, and virtues.

What is the ICS Family?

ICS is a selective, private school community. We ask students, families, and staff to be involved in our community. We look to maintain alumni relationships long after graduation.

What are the requirements for acceptance into ICS?

ICS welcomes all students and families committed to helping their child(ren) grow. We seek dedicated, curious, motivated learners and families who support them. Learn More

Do you accept students with learning challenges?
We strive to help all students, but as a purposely small, one-class-per-grade school, we also realize our limitations. Part of the 5-Step Application process is for families and ICS to work together to assess if we are the right fit and can academically support your child(ren). While we do have academic support and differentiate, not every child is right for ICS.
How can I support the school?

We welcome donations of money and time. Call us at 828-693-3277 if interested in volunteer opportunities. To donate immediately, click here.

When does the STEM Lab open?

We are slated to open western North Carolina’s only dedicated STEM Lab in 2022.

What sport / activities to you have?

We offer basketball, soccer, volleyball, history club, art club and student council

What we offer and how students and families want to be involved is constantly evolving. We encourage all families to help establish clubs, sports, and activities of interest to the community.

We hope to have your family join our family

For additional questions or information, please contact us.
Call 828-693-3277    Email Admissions@Immac.org