Curriculum Highlights Middle School

  • Development of analytical and problem-solving skills critical for success in high school and beyond
  • Close collaboration of teachers to develop cross-curricular projects and surround students with support
  • Whole-child centered approach for maturation, accountability and resilience of students
  • Intentional focus on written, verbal, and non-verbal communication skills

Meet the Middle School Team

Caring, Passionate Educators and Mentors

  • Felicia Carter

    Middle School Math, 6th Grade Social Studies, 6th Grade Homeroom, 6-8 Team Leader

  • Matthew Tanner

    STEM, Middle School Science, 7th Grade Homeroom

  • Sarah Bell

    Religion, 8th Grade Language Arts, 8th Grade Homeroom

Felicia Carter

Middle School Math, 6th Grade Social Studies, 6th Grade Homeroom, 6-8 Team Leader

What is Mrs. Carter’s background?

Mrs. Carter has a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from UNC Asheville. She is a rare Hendersonville native and was on the school cheerleading team.

What are her hobbies?

Mrs. Carter likes to read and spend time with her family. She also enjoys shopping.

About Mrs. Carter’s family

She is married to her high school sweetheart, Matt, and has a son named Jackson who attends East Carolina University majoring in business and pre-law. She also has a Germen Shepherd named Axel.

What is something random we might not know about Mrs. Carter?

She danced for former President George H. W. Gush with other students from Pat’s School of Dance when he attended the Apple Festival in Hendersonville in 1992.

What is her favorite quote?

“Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.” – Mother Teresa

What is one of her favorite childhood memories?

“I remember the day that my parents picked me up from preschool with my new baby sister in the car. I just kept touching her face and asking if she was real. I thought she was a baby doll.”

Matthew Tanner

STEM, Middle School Science, 7th Grade Homeroom

What is Mr. Tanner’s background?

Mr. Tanner grew up at the beach in Gulf Shores, Alabama, and loved to be outside. He liked math and guitar classes and enjoyed playing soccer. He has a BA in Anthropology from University of West Florida and is working on a Master of Arts in Teaching in Special Education at Western Carolina University.

What is his favorite place?

Mr. Tanner loves the good food and funky music in New Orleans. It is where he and his wife, Mariana, went for their honeymoon.

Tell us about Mr. Tanner’s family.

He has a beautiful and amazing wife, Mariana, and a very special daughter, Emma. Mariana is from Colombia, and that led to his best vacation there. 

What is one of his favorite childhood memories?

Mr. Tanner and his brother, John, loved exploring the swamp at their grandma’s down in Alabama. They would cross a pine tree at a narrow part of the bayou and wander around in the woods on the other side.

How does God play a role in Mr. Tanner’s life?

He is thankful for the Church and the many blessings, as God has given him a beautiful life. Mr. Tanner hopes that his love for God continues to grow every day and that God remains at the center of his and his family’s busy lives.

What does he love about teaching?

He loves watching how students progress and being there to work with the students and make adjustments as needed to help them reach their goals. He also enjoys the opportunity to be a positive role model for the students.

What is his funniest teacher moment?

When he was coaching soccer, he was right in front of the goal when the ball went to him. He decided to go for the goal, but the ball bounced back and hit him in the face! It was a little embarrassing, but he and the whole team laughed!

What is his favorite quote?

“Dear young people, do not be afraid of making decisive choices in life. Have faith; the Lord will not abandon you!” – Pope Francis

Who influences or inspires him?

His family influences him heavily. He also looks to his patron saint, St. Leopold Mandic, for inspiration. St. Leopold was truly selfless and helped a lot of people heal.

Sarah Bell

Religion, 8th Grade Language Arts, 8th Grade Homeroom

What is Ms. Bell’s background?

Ms. Bell has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Anthropology from Humboldt State University. She grew up in Shafter, California, where she enjoyed playing sports, especially gymnastics.

What are her hobbies?

Ms. Bell enjoys walking with friends and embroidery.

About Ms. Bell’s family

She has two amazing, enthusiastic kids, Lindsey and Ian.

What is her favorite quote?

“It is easy to talk about the cross; it is not easy to carry your cross.” – Fr. Mike Schmitz

What does she love about teaching?

The kids. Each one is unique and special, and as a teacher you are just trying to figure out how best to serve, teach, and challenge each of them.
  • No Heroes Found.

Progress Monitoring: How do we know your child is ready for the Next Step?

  • MobyMax used for individualized progress monitoring and differentiation instruction to fill in any learning gaps or further challenge students
  • Acadience reading and math benchmark assessments used to monitor growth
  • Yearly standardized assessment used as a tool to guide instruction and measure student growth but not as definitive way in which growth is measured

Five Star Accreditation for 5-Star Care. Capable, loving preparation for elementary school.


Focusing on the fundamentals and differentiation of strengths to target math and reading foundations.

Leading your child on a successful educational path of inquiry-based learning and intrinsic motivation.