Match Families with Immaculata

Acceptance into Immaculata is a five-step process.

Step 1: Application

If interested in Kindergarten through 8th grade, complete our online Application here >>

If interested in Pre K, complete our online Application here >>

If you have questions or want a copy of the Application sent to you, contact Leslie Stott at:

Step 2: Parent Q&A

After we review the Application, the Immaculata office will be in touch to setup a 15- to 20-minute phone interview. This is an opportunity for families to gather more information about what makes Immaculata special. Plus it is a chance for us to ask questions that help us assess if this is a good fit for your family and our school community.


At this point in the process it is clear to the family and / or to ICS if this is a good match and if the next Steps in the Admissions process should be taken

Step 3: Child Shadow & Assessment

It is our hope to find the best match for our students. We ask every child to shadow at Immaculata for a minimum of half a school day. During this Shadow Day we will complete formal assessments. Plus, your child(ren) gets to see what a day feels like and gets to connect with our wonderful students and staff.

Step 4: Parent Interview

With the family we will review the Assessment and Shadow day results. This is another touchpoint for us to ask additional questions about how we might be able to help your child as well as a chance for you to get additional insights into what makes Immaculata a special school environment.


During this Step it is clear if qualifications for acceptance into ICS are met. For those students accepted, we will discuss with families the exciting next step of registering!

Step 5: Enrollment
Join the wonderful Immaculata Family! Once Steps 1 – 4 are successfully completed, families are invited to submit Registration paperwork.


The Immaculata Family is a close, intentionally small community.

Student Profile

Immaculata looks for motivated students and families interested in growth of the entire child.

Tuition & Aid

Find tuition rates and learn about extensive financial aid programs.

We hope to have your family join Immaculata Catholic School!

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